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Products and systems in the test handling field

Inline and offline solutions and contacting for functional test and incircuit testing

Custom automation (customer and application-specific), custom machinery construction

End of Line (EOL), gantry systems, rotary tables, automatic assembly machines, robotic systems

Manufacturing Services

External production capacity, mechanical and electrical assembly, cable assembly, mechatronic modules and systems, switch cabinet construction, automated driving vehicles


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Client projects delivered



Your innovation partner for industrial automation and manufacturing services

the two current business sectors of KABTEC AG

Founded in 2011 and located in southern Bavaria, the company developed from a contract manufacturing company to a medium-sized technology company with its own in-house development unit as well as its own production facility. With its systems for test handling, industrial handling and testing technique for the electronics industry, KABTEC is one of the leading suppliers in industrial automation today.

In addition to our own test handling products (brand: KABTEC, KT series) for inline and offline applications, including supplementary modules and components such as testing fixtures, magazine loaders, loading and unloading technology, modular belt conveyors, labellers, etc., projects in custom machinery construction and custom automation are also technically evaluated, designed and manufactured upon request. The development team consists of design, automation technology and software and provides competent support throughout the entire course of the project as well as after-sales services. The spectrum already realised in the area of custom automation ranges anywhere from assembly and production automation to complex gantry or automatic rotary transfer systems as well as EOL testing stations (end of line).

The original contract manufacturing, today's Manufacturing Services, in its current form, encompasses more than just manufacturing services. KABTEC offers the entire process chain among its broad range of services and is your production partner when it comes to material procurement, packaging, assembly, quality assurance and mass production. Our technological know-how in the fields of electrical design, mechanical engineering and testing technology guarantees high-quality and, due to our lean structures, enhances economic performance. This makes KABTEC your long-term production partner – both today and tomorrow. Commissions from all areas of robotic cabling, joystick production for opto-technology or any other automated guided vehicles are among the most important markets along with switch cabinet construction.

KABTEC - Innovation meets technology ... take your next steps into a long-term partnership with us.

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